“If you have to make only one friend in this world, make sure it is a book”.   -Anonymous

My life long affair with books began when I was merely eight years old. I started visiting the village library which had only Marathi books. My Experiments with Truth by Mahatma Gandhi was the first biography I read when I was only 10 years old. My love for books has made me an avid reader and my ‘to be read’ list has about 13 books to be read in next one year. These are some of the awesome books I have read.

Finance, Management & Business:

  1. Millionaire next door -Thomas J. Stanley
  2. Employees first, customers second -Vineet Nayar
  3. The Goal – Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  4. Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid -C. K. Pralhad
  5. What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School – Mark H. McCormack
  6. What your customer wants you to know -Ramcharan
  7. Winning -Jack Welch
  8. 7 Habits of highly effective people -Stephen R. Covey
  9. How I raised myself from failure success in selling -Frank Bettgar
  10. Tao of Warren Buffet -Mary Buffet
  11. Rich dad poor dad -Robert Kyosaki
  12. Cash-flow Quadrant -Robert Kyosaki
  13. Get a life -Philip Stills
  14. Internet marketing for dummies


  1. The secret -Rhonda Byrne
  2. Think and grow rich -Nepolean Hill
  3. The power of your subconscious mind -Dr. Joseph Murphy
  4. What to say when you talk to yourself – Clifford N. Lazarus
  5. The greatest salesman in the world -Og Mandino
  6. The greatest secret in the world -Og Mandino
  7. The greatest miracle in the world -Og Mandino
  8. Zen and the art of motorcycle repair -Robert M. Pirsig

Self Development:

  1. The magic of thinking big – Dr. David Schwartz
  2. The power of positive thinking -Norman Vincent Peale
  3. Body Language -Allan Peas
  4. Dream making in dream taking world -Dr. Price Steve
  5. You Incorporated – Burke Hedges
  6. 10 Rules to make & 10 rules to break -Bill Quain
  7. How to win friends and influence people -Dale Carnegie
  8. How to stop worrying and start living -Dale Carnegie
  9. Your erroneous zones -Wayne Dyer
  10. Who stole American dream – Burke Hedges
  11. Awaken the giant within -Anthony Robbins
  12. You can win -Shiv Khera
  13. See you at the top -Zig Ziglar

Health & Fitness:

  1. Lose your gut now -Kenneth Winston Caine
  2. Don’t lose your mind, Lose your weight -Rujuta Diwekar
  3. Vitamins that Heal -H K Bakhru
  4. What your doctor doesn’t know about nutritional medicine may be killing you – Ray D. Strand M.D
  5. How a man stays young
  6. Death by prescription
  7. General Anatomy-BD Chaurasia


  1. My Experiments with Truth -Mahatma Gandhi
  2. It’s not about the bike: My journey back to life -Lance Armstrong
  3. Sam Walton: Made in America
  4. Akio Moreta: Made in Japan
  5. How to be like Rich DeVos -Pat Williams


  1. The Alchemist -Paulo Coelho
  2. The Godfather -Mario Puzo
  3. Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  4. Five point some one -Chetan Bhagat
  5. Three Mistakes of my life  -Chetan Bhagat
  6. One night @ call centre  -Chetan Bhagat
  7. Two states  -Chetan Bhagat
  8. 79, Park Avenue -Harold Robbins
  9. Best laid plans -Sydney Sheldon


  1. Chicken soup for couple’s soul – Jack Canfield
  2. Men are from mars, women are from Venus – John Gray
  3. Five love languages -Gary Chapman
  4. The friendship factor – Alan Loy McGinnis

Non Fiction:

  1. Imagining India -Nandan Nilekani
  2. Horse that flew -Chidananda Rajghatta


  1. Psychology of Achievement – Brian Tracy
  2. Feel the fear and do it anyway – Susan Jeffers

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